Designing a logo of your own is one of the hardest tasks what comes to being a Graphic Designer. I bet that all Designers keep redesigning their logo because they are never fully satisfied with the end result. In this matter, I am no exception.

Having said that, this monogram styled logo has stuck with me for quite a while now and even though it has evolved, the basic structure has stayed the same.

Here is the story behind the monogram.

^ First I started sketching the logo on a paper. After finding the core idea I quickly moved to working with computer since for me it is a quicker way to start adjusting the design.

^ After vectorising the design (1) I started to play with it. I added strokes to join the shapes (2) and tried to find the right rhythm (3). Then I combined the best parts (4).

^ I tried multiple different stroke weights in order to find the perfect balance between the strokes and the solid shapes (). I also tweaked the empty space in the letter “J” to get the same weight from top to bottom ().


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